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Where can PODZ be used?

The PODZ concept is a simple and effective one.


Since the activated carbon is not in direct contact with the water surface, its life expectancy is greatly improved, it drains rainwater faster and allows for the use of PODZ Horizon on turbulent water (aerated basins for example).


The filters are specifically designed per application depending on the type of odours/gaseous emissions and their respective concentration/emission rate.


Wastewater from municipal waste, food, dairy and beverage industries; leachate ponds at composting sites and even petrochemical plants are among the various applications that the PODZ Horizon can be used for to effectively reduce odour emissions and to help capture greenhouse gases.


The filtering medium can easily also be installed on vents, grates and other secondary emissions points which are common in wastewater plants, thus creating a complete odour control solution for any project.

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