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PODZ Horizon (patented) is a bespoke reinforced geomembrane that includes activated carbon filters to cover tightly and reduce odour emissions and greenhouse gases in waste water tanks.


The PODZ Horizon is suspended above the liquid and will therefore be unaffected by either aeration or any moving parts. The design is adjusted depending on the type of tanks to be covered (size, process and type of gas emission). 


The filtering element is tailored to fit the specific needs of the application to ensure maximum efficiency against a variety of emissions.


The installation and running costs are lower than the more common ways of treatment such as masking sprays and hardcovers with extraction, making the PODZ Horizon the most cost-effective solution on the market.


The delivery and installation of the PODZ Horizon is fast and cost-effective and provide an instant solution to any odour problems.

Perfect for retrofit

PODZ Horizon is customized to be an exact fit for the area to be covered. The filters also allow oxygen exchange and rain water to flow into the basin while capturing gaseous emissions.

Adapts to site operation

PODZ Horizon can be adjusted to accommodate existing equipment's, pipes, measuring devices, etc. It can also have access ports for maintenance.

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Quick & easy installation

PODZ Horizon is suspended above the liquid surface. This prevents contamination of the filters. The installation is straightforward and the PODZ Horizon solution doesn't take additional footprint on-site nor required any power or complicated maintenance to reduce emissions by over 96%.

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