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What is PODZ

What We Do


The PODZ products are simple, low-cost quick implementation solutions to odour problems on waste water tanks. The PODZ products, the PODZ Horizon, among others, are covered with embedded activated carbon filters which capture and minimize odours and greenhouse gases. 


The PODZ solutions minimize odours and greenhouse gas emissions by filtering and treating them. The filtering element is tailored to fit the specific needs of the application to ensure maximum efficiency against a variety of emissions.



The PODZ products provide the simplest solution on the market for covering and treating gaseous emissions emanating from industrial and municipal wastewater tanks, ponds, basins and lagoons. The installation and running costs are lower than the more common ways of treatment, such as masking sprays and hardcovers with extraction, making the PODZ products the most cost-effective solutions on the market.

The delivery and installation of the PODZ products are fast and cost-effective and provide an instant solution to any odour problems.

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