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What is PODZ Vocc

Vent Odour Control Canister - PODZ Vocc
PODZ Vocc logo.png

The PODZ Vocc vent odour control system is a canister with an integrated, replaceable activated carbon filter.


The canister can easily be attached over/inside air and gas exhaust pipes. Examples of applications include air and gas exhausts, vents and valves at pump stations of sewage, wastewater and water treatment plants. 

The PODZ Vocc activated carbon filters are specially designed to reduce odours, trapping malodorous VOCs, hydrogen sulphide (H₂S) and other annoying gases without interrupting the airflow through the system. The PODZ Vocc solid, one-piece construction made of stainless steel makes them simple and quick to replace. 

PODZ Vocc attached to an ARV in a forced
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